Import photo into SketchUp model

Do I have to have Pro to import photo?

No. It works the same in Make as in Pro.


Or did you mean my.sketchup, the online version of Sketchup?

Which version of Sketchup are you using - Make or Pro - and which year/version? Your profile doesn’t say.

Hi John

I’m using SketchUp Make 2016, when I go to import all my SketchUp files are importable but the photo, .jpg or .pdf are grey and I can’t select them.

I have downloaded my.sketchup 2017 to see if this worked but it was the same.

Kind regards

Did you set the import file type specifically to JPG or PDF?

Make sure you also select how you are using the image; Image, Texture, Match Photo.

As DaveR says, it sounds as if you aren’t choosing the file type (near bottom of the dialogue) before importing your photo.

I have now! thanks for your help it has import.

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