How do I import and overlay a jpg on a Googlearth dem

trying to overlay building plans ( jpg) on DEM from Googleearth to model


DEM import is a Pro only feature.

File > Import… (Select DEM as the filetype in the dropdown control.)

JPG Images are imported via the same dialog. When they come in they are wrapped up in a component instance. (Sometimes this needs to be exploded from the right-click mouse context menu.)

JPG images can also be used as textures (for faces of surfaces.) You don’t import them. You create a new Material in the Material Inspector, and then assign the JPG image as it’s texture via a file browse dialog (similar to the import dialog, except it will by default show all image filetypes.)

See Is there any way to actually import high resolution image?

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I don’t know if it changed in time but that’s incorrect, according to this article both Make and Pro versions can import (i tested and can confirm).

That is what I referred to, but perhaps I misread it ?
Can anyone confirm it appears on the import dialog for the Make editions ?

There is also this other article:

Here’s a screenshot from the Windows version of 2016.

BTW, I used Windows because my Mac versions of Make are too new, and are still acting like Pro.

Okay thanks I snipped the erroneous statement. (I should get a new pair of glasses.)