Import from SketchUp 2017 to Layout - yellow triangle!



Hi there,

I have instaled the new version of Sketchup Make and when trying to import a file to Layout (trial version) I only get a yellow triangle with exclamation mark!
I was using 2016 version before - and everything was working fine there - so I just have no idea what could be the problem.

Does anyone has an idea? Please help!!!
Thank you very much in advance and BR from Vienna


Could you share the SketchUp and LayOut files so we can see the setup?

FWIWm you must be using the Pro trial, not SketchUp Make. Make doesn’t include LayOut.


This is one example (and with previous version from Sketchup it worked - I could import it to Layout).

If I export it first to 2D - I can import it to Layout - but in that case it is not possible to scale it (f.e. 1:20), what I need. Because with the right mouse click the menu whith this option is not shown.

Hm, I hope this make sense as I wrote it.

Thanks a lot!


and here also Layout:


We really need to see the LO file and the SKP file.


Sorry! I’ve tried to send it, but got the feedback that it’s to big to upload it here.
One file is arround 10 MB and it should not be more then 3 MB.

I have no idea how to reduce the size from SKP file. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


You are showing a perspective view. A perspective view cannot have a scale. A perspective view is foreshortened.



Sorry - obviously I haven’t explained it well. There are 2 seperate problems :slight_smile:: I cannot insert perspective - get that yellow sign.
Second problem: 2D I can insert but cannot change the scale!

Really desparate meanwhiel :frowning: :frowning:


Upload the files to Dropbox and give us the links.



First of all, thank you DaveR and you all for your efforts and tipps! :slight_smile:

Tipps in that old theme posted here, were not helpfull (Auto rendering is enabled).

I’ve found files that are not that big as the one I’m working on, so I am able to post it here :wink:
And, the problems are still the same!
Hoping and looking forward for some more ideas and your help!

Bad Ist-Zustand.skp (1.7 MB)


And here the LO file:

layout_bath_error.layout (1.8 MB)


I’m not seeing the blank viewport window with your LayOut file but i do see a problem. You’ve left the viewport set to Last Save Scene instead of choosing a scene from the SketchUp file. You should always make sure that you choose scenes you’ve created in SketchUp for each of the viewports.

As for setting a scale, you won’t be able to do that because, as Anssi pointed out, the scenes show the model in Perspective view. It makes no sense to set a scale for a perspective view.


You mean, you SEE the drawing in my LO file??? Or just nothing?

Choosing the scene is not solving the problem.

And regarding the scale, I know - I make a parallel perspective and than I can change the scale (in the past version I did it like that).
But now I can’t even insert to Layout a parallel perspective - get that yellow sign again.


Like Dave, I didn’t see anything unusual in either your Sketchup file or your LayOut document. I wonder if your Intel graphics are messing things up.



Can you insert my SKP file into my LO file normally?

If yes, maybe there is a programm bug or installation failure on my PC. :tired_face:

And Anssi: it worked with Sketchup 2016 version with my grapics.


Do you see my screen shot? That was from your LayOut file. I also sent your SketchUp file to a new LayOut file and it displayed just fine.


OK, then I will try to deinstall and install everything back, no other ideas left :unamused:

Thank you very much for all the effort!


Yep, but the developers made big changes in the graphics handling of the 2017 version. That is why support for 32-bit operating systems and disabling hardware acceleration have been scrapped.



Great - so I have to buy a new notebook :persevere:

By the way, new installation was not the solution - so you are probbaly right, Anssi!

Thank you one more time!