Import from Layout to SketchUp


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Export is only from SketchUp to Layout. There is no path the other way. There are extensions to do very powerful splines in SketchUp which can then be viewed in Layout, though. Have a look at Fredo6’s Bezier Spline available free from the sketchUcation store.


The design paradigm we hold to is that drawing in 3D should be so easy that you start there, then use LayOut to communicate via construction documents or catalogs or paper in 2D. We probably could have made it easier to do this, but it defeats the process. Try it. We think you’ll be much faster/better if you do.


The only way to get linework from LayOut to SketchUp would be to export first from LayOut to DWG, which can then be imported.

  • export to Model space
  • use a scale that scales the thing up to avoid missing lines
  • no need to export “faces” as they convert to solid hatches - hatches are ignored by the SketchUp importer.



Hmm, “the design paradigm WE hold”. Ever heard of “USER centric”? My workflow is to start with a 2D layout, and later build a 3D layout based on that. Export to DWG, gives import errors. Using the top view in SketchUp to create a 2D layout is far from user-friendly. There is not even a built in support for grids! “we don’t need grids…”. Well, I do as a user. “You can create a grid line by line…”. Are you kidding? Support for Maya navigation shortcuts? “No, Maya is not the industry standard, SketchUp is…” Really? Is this the most bloated ego, or what? Yes, SketchUp is a GREAT tool, but what good is that, if it doesn’t fit your users? I am evaluating a purchase now for the second time. And the reason I passed the first time is because of the way you totally ignore your users.