How to send a file made in Layout to Sketchup

Hi, I made a drawing in Layout which I couldn’t make in Sketchup, all bended and curved lines, let’s say a futuristic model for a bench.
Now I’d like to know how do I get this (2D) model into Sketchup so I can start modelling in 3D?

Many thanks for replying, Piet

You generally do it the other way around, model it in 3d then make 2d drawing from that in layout.

However, you can export a .dwg/.dxf of your drawing from Layout, one of the choices when you export is to Export For Sketchup. This can then be imported into Sketchup for you to make into 3d.

Thanks for replying, I’ll have a look at that!

Thing is why I started in Layout is because I couldn’t draw the shape in 3D, it just doesn’t have the ability to bend the lines like I wanted it to. Something called Bezier curves, easy to do in Layout but in SketchUp?

There are a variety of Bezier curve extensions available for SketchUp that would allow you to create the curves you are after. But drawing them in LayOut and exporting a .dxf file works, too.

Thanks for that, I’ll have a look into those extensions as well then and see which way works best for me.

The most popular extensions are FredoSpline and Bezier Spline (both from Sketchucation). Both of them offer more than just Bezier curves and the curves are editable after being created.

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If you show us an image we may be able to offer some suggestions for 3d thinking.

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Hi Piet, we implemented this function a few releases back but is not in the most discoveralbe location.

Using File → Export… select DWG/DXF file format. Then in Options select the Export for SketchUp option. Then Import this file as a dwg into SketchUp.

As it states, this will export all entities to the Model Space at the current Paper size.
Another cool feature is that if you have fills, it will export those as faces in SketchUp for easy Push/Pull’n.


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Thanks very much for this one, brings me a long way. Managed to export it and import to SU. Now I gotta work one those fills for push/pull

TBP.dwg (19.3 KB)

Hope you can see this one. This shape I made in Layout. So next step is to work the fills for push/pull (before exporting it) so I can make a 3D model out of it.

Pretty straightforward to draw with FredoSpline. I didn’t try to match yours exactly. Mine is on the right.

Before you extrude yours, take a few moments to clean up the geometry. There are bunches of extra edges.

FYI, we export the path and the face separate so what you see in that image is the path overalapping the face. Drilling into the group and doing a push pull you will not have to clean up anything.
push pull

One other tip, when importing, select the “Merge coplanar faces” option so that the face will push/pull as it should.


Best decision of the day, joining the Sketchup community and signing in for SkectUcation. Learned a lot today.
Many thanks to the SketchUp Team, Trent, and the others for the good advise and tips. Managed to produce a first design for a customer.

TBP 2.skp (243.7 KB)

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