Import from CAD wonky

Hi. Probably nobody else ever uses this software, but I am using CorelCAD to generate a flat line drawing I wanted to import into SketchUp. When I do, it comes in above the ground plane and, more importantly, the linework is not flat. I’ve tried a .dwg and a .dxf with the same result. Any idea what’s going on and how to fix it? Thanks.

The geometry in the CAD file isn’t flat–that happens. I expect the lowest point in the geometry is at ground level. You could fix it in the source or fix it in SketchUp.

What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your profile.

I don’t use Corel cad, but on draftsight and autocad there are commands to flatten all the geometry, on sketchup you can do it easily with vertex tools, select everything and scale to 0 on the Z axis.

to develop, in similar cases, I’ve been using Eneroth’ extension.

Don’t remember if I need to enter the 2d component or not, but it’s a simple menu and poof, all on the ground.

or directly in the original file / program, since you’re the person behind it but really, with the extension, it’s import / menu / poof