Import failure

Iam trying to import a dwg file from autocad but it show me this
could someboy help me?
PLANTAB.dwg (388.2 KB)
Iam sharing my file

Is that an Autocad 2018 dwg? It seems to me it is.

SketchUp isn’t compatible with 2018 format dwg as of yet, you probably need to save it as 2017 or earlier format to import it…

Please update your profile with the version of SketchUp you are currently using.

I converted the file to version 2013 format in the free Autodesk Trueview application and was then able to import it. I don’t know if the fact that the file was created with the student version of AutoCad has to do with the difficulties.
It has some extraneous geometry both outside the actual area and above it in the air.
I used centimeters as the import unit.
Plantab.skp (805.2 KB)

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thank you very much. those extraneous geometry above in the air is actually splines that i create intending to be only in 2d plane…do you know if theres a way to draw those splines only on the flat plane? I use them often, and they always give me lots of headaches

Livre de vírus.

it is autocad 2019! thank you, I didnt know.
Do you know if theres a way to draw splines only on 2d plane?in autocad?

No sorry, Im not familiar with Autocad itself. I use Draftsight for that sort of thing when I need to.