Import DWG - lines at differents height

Hello everyone,
I’m looking to import a dwg file in Sketchup pro 2018 but when the layout appeared everything was at a different height in sketchup…
I already tried to explode everything in my dwg file, and also put every lines in one and only layer but it didn’t fix anything at all…

If someone has a solution, I would be very grateful…
Thanks a lot !

That height difference is already there in your DWG file. Inexperienced AutoCad drafters often don’t pay attention to the 3D coordinates of things. AutoCad is a fully 3D application, even if most people only use it to draft in 2D.
You can use one of the available “flatten” plugins, or you can go to top view, select Parallel Projection camera and export a 2D graphic image to DWG to full scale, and then re-import that into SketchUp.


Thank you so much, it worked perfectely !


Yes, I see this quite a bit in received DWGs and it’s always worth cleaning up the DWG as much as possible before importing into Sketchup, switching between different elevation views in the CAD software to check there are no random objects out of alignment. I’ve seen random 3D objects such as toilets and sinks in what looks like a 2D CAD drawing, but when the view is rotated in the CAD DWG, it suddenly becomes apparent there’s a 3D toilet floating 20 metres in the air.

The Sketchup Campus series in preparing DWGs is a really useful one to look at.

On a side note, the worst one I’ve ever had is a ‘2D’ DWG received for a retail store where, in plan some of the lines were 600mm in length, but when rotated to show a 3D view, one end of the line was 30 kilometres above the other end!


Sort of happy that I am not alone in having to deal with this issue. Difficult to charge for the repair phase without insulting the draftsperson.