Import component location error

error location.skp (9.8 MB)
When I read instance(name:error) through C API, and find that the triangular coordinates of the instance are not in the correct position after two coordinate transform, is this an error in the matrix corresponding to the component definition and group stored in the file?
Is there an SU developer who can help analyze this issue?? Thanks!!!

This is the coordinate result of the triangular face after the component and group coordinate transform。The result is in the wrong position, but after dividing each vertex by 4.57104, the coordinates are correct。

hm… there is something very strange with that model. I can’t even select that instance using the selection tool.

Could you log this into our issue tracker please?

If you could add some extra details on where this model is coming from or how it was created that’d be great.

Thanks for the reply
1: My area sometimes doesn’t have access to GitHub, so I submit issue when I can.
2: This model is feedback from other colleagues, and the details of the modeling may not be traceable.

@tt_su, in GitHub SketchUp API Issue 886, said:

Can you please add details to this ticket. The information here gets logged into our internal ticket.

@CC-2023 The GitHub issue cannot be processed until the details and test model from above are pasted into the GitHub Issue’s first post. Otherwise there is nothing for the bot to copy. (The bot is not smart enough to come to the forum and find the information.)

Can you add some sample snippet to how you are reading the data?

In the attached file, there is a face inside Group 2022-163 that causes the following error when checked via Model Info/Statistics.

  • Results of Validity Check.
  • The plane equation for CFace (52) is not valid - fixed

To cause the problem, first in the Outliner right-click on the group and choose to ‘Edit Group’. Second ‘fix Problems’. Third click out of the Edit Group context. The problem will return if you open the group to edit it again. Hope that makes some sense.

error location simplified v3.skp (71.4 KB)