Errors on surface

Hello, i create a model wich is very normal modeling in Sketchup. i used round corner plugin and push/pull plugin. as i said in geometry of model in sketchup everything is fine, but when i render it, it shows me a bugs ( i dont know how to say) how can i solve this problem??
P.S this is what i always say about sketchup, i use Sketchup from SU 6 version and nothing is changed in this soft. it is very easy to create cube room in Sketchup, but 3D modeling is not only cube forms. hope anyone will help me.

Share the model if you want help.

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okey, how to share? upload here?

Do it the same way you did it back in April in your Match Photo thread.

Drag and drop the .skp file into a reply.

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gasagzavnad.skp (15.5 MB)

here it is

This is no bug as you suggest. You have you have set the angle between normals too high for softening.

I’ve cleaned it up here.

Instead of softening the edges that border the forward most face I hid those. That helps to limit the softening, too.

gasagzavnad purged.skp (13.0 MB)

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wow, Thank you very much :pray: i never had same problem. did you use just only Model info>>>Statistics>>>Purge Unused. ?

I did purge unused before saving the file which reduced the file size a bit.

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