Texture Coordinates; restrictions?


I’m testing .skp files I’ve generated using the C SDK, and so far each time I’ve loaded a model I’ve found the following issue is resolved by SketchUp:

The front or back texture coordinates for CFaceTextureCoords (8210) is not valid - fixed

There’s easily more than 100 of these for the current model I’m using. What are some common causes behind this? For example, are there any rules which need to be followed for sending texture coordinates to the SketchUp API?

I’ve checked the SDK for information, in addition to the SketchUp user documentation, so far and haven’t found anything which was directly relevant.


Do you have some sample of the invalid data set?


Here is a dump from a log file, and here’s a couple snippets from the .dae source, exported from SketchUp 2014.

I’m seeing some strangely large numbers, but I have no idea how or why they got there. Maybe I missed something during the export?

Thanks for the help.


@bugra, @Paul - any ideas here?


Clearly texture mapping went wrong on some of those faces. It’s really hard to say without seeing the code that generates these faces.