Import and resize dwf file

Hi there, I’m trying to import a dwf file from my laser programme. It imports fine but the scale is out. When I try to re-size, it deletes the model and does not work. Please help!

Can you upload an example or the .dw(…) file itself? Perhaps someone here could take a look at it.

Concept 1_3D.dxf (4.2 KB)

it may be that the model is just very small or very big, after resizing,I have no troubles when resizing it.

For resize of an imported .dwg/.dfx you must enter the component by double-clicking or right-click and choose ‘Edit Component’ then get the tape measurement tool (T) and click two endpoints of a known length. Then just type the length you would want it to be and hit Enter

after a resize, hit Zoom extends (Shift+ Z)

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model unit seems to be ‘Meters’ sothat importing in this unit (see “Options… > Scale > Units: Meter”) should lead to the correct size without a scaling afterwards.