Images tiled when trying to use as a texture to "paint" a surface

How do I prevent images from being “tiled” when I want to use the image as a texture on a building?

Can you share the model you are working on or some screen shots? Hard to know what the problem is without seeing it.

lol how do i do that? Copy and paste?

Drag and drop into the message box. 16MB limit, if it is bigger you can share with drop box.

17-002 SKETCH-UP MODEL - STYLE G1.skp (9.1 MB)

So you can select the face with the image on it and use position texture to scale the image using the green grip. As jimhami42 does above.

Or I suggest you import the jpg instead of applying it as a texture.

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I’m trying to put this on a curved surface. But it keeps bifurcating.

Try Truebend by Thom Thom.


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