Mapping an image to complex curve

Hello there. I’m quite proficient in projecting images to a curved face, however when the curved shape (in this case a wall) means that you can’t see all the faces from the front view how can you get the image to map correctly ? I can get the image on but it stretches areas and can’t get it to map correctly. Thanks

file below

Untitled6.skp (239.4 KB)

Something like this?

Don’t project the texture. Apply it without projection.

After cleaning up the model, deleting coplanar edges and fixing the bad spot near where the two esses in Passionate fall, I applied the texture to the surface. Then I exposed hidden geometry so I could adjust one face at a time. Starting at the left, I sampled the material from the first face and applied it to the next. It’s a little tedious but not difficult and it doesn’t take much time. I expect there are some extensions that would speed it up but I didn’t bother.

Here’s where the bad spot is. You can move one of those vertical edges to coincide with the other.

By the way, you need to be using SketchUp Pro, not Make.

Thanks very much Dave, really appreciate you taking the time to go through that. I’m still struggling though and been through your steps over and over. This is as good as I can get it, clearly I’m doing something wrong. Are you importing as a texture ? Many thanks, Adam

Screen Shot 10

From what I can see in your screen shot, you missed nearly all of my steps. You didn’t soften edges, delete unneeded coplanar edges or repair the bad spot. It doesn’t look like you exposed the hidden geometry or used the eye dropper to sample the texture from the first face and apply it to the next face.

I didn’t import anything. I just changed your texture so it isn’t projected. If I was doing this on my project, I would import the image as a texture and apply it on a rectangle that has the same length as the length of the curved wall. Then proceed as I described above.

Hi. I have followed top by step but with the same result, very odd. Can you send me back the sketchup file with it in place or is that too cheeky :slight_smile: thanks Adam

Untitled6.skp (219.6 KB)
Here you go.

you’re a star, thanks so much. We design and build exhibition stands so this technique is needed on a daily basis, I’ve been playing with it and I’m almost there. Now to see how it renders !! :slight_smile: cheers Adam

You’re welcome.

Please note, as I mentioned before you need to be using SketchUp Pro, not Make.

I’m the only person in the studio here who doesn’t use pro (too tight), out of interest why do you think it’s necessary to use Pro ? In the past when I’ve looked at the difference nothing jumped out as necessary.

You’re violating the EULA for SketchUp Make.

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good point, will get it upgraded.


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