Images not showing when I try to create a new material


I´m trying to import some images I have downloaded to use on my project, but when I try to import the images using the Default Tray material, they simply do not appear.
The images do appear when I import using File - Import, but it would be easier using the default tray.


Does anyone know what could be happening and how to make the images appear in the Default Tray Materials?

Thank you.

What file type? What’s the material? Share the image you’re trying to import.

You cannot modify the materials that reside in the default material folders. Only materials in your model can be edited. You must first create a new material and then add the texture to it.

The easiest way to create a new textured material is to import the image into your model, scale it appropriately and then explode it. Or import the image directly as a texture.

See for free courses about dealing with materials.

file type is .skp.

And none of the images appear on the default tray.
These are some of the files for example:
Poltrona+Ana+com+Assento+e+Encosto+Estofados+++Pufe.skp (2.9 MB)
Cortina+tecido (1).skp (2.4 MB)

You wrote that you are trying to create new materials from images. They would be .jpg or .png images. Share those images.

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