Image stacking order with transparent light cones

Hi all, new here, been using SKP for about a year consistently in the live production event world. Question about when I print a PDF of the working window, trying to save the hassle of doing a full render as its not typically needed for my clients.
I fake lighting with transparent cones or transparent PNGs and I get a funny artifact where objects in the background will cut into the transparent cones instead of being seen behind then, thus breaking the idea of them being lights in haze.
See attached image. Look at the ceiling of the event hall and the lights over the tables or stage. The brown above is masking the lights which are clearly in the foreground…
There no layering like 2d or Autocad approach here I’m missing, “bring to front” kinda thing? Any ideas?
M&S GALA V2- 4a.pdf (16.0 MB)

In the Styles panel, select the style you are using in the scene (should be already loaded unless you have switched since entering the scene). Then choose Edit and then click the icon for Face style which is the third from the left. There you will find an option for Transparency quality, switch this to “Nicer”. Don’t forget to update the style by clicking in the upper left icon with the arrows in a circle.

Also: PDFs can sometimes have problems displaying transparency. Try exporting as .png or .jpg and check the results. You can convert to PDF afterword if you must share in that format.

Thx so much! Worked a charm with just the Nicer option.

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:+1:. Looks like a fun party.