Image export quality - sketchup vs Layout

Can someone explain to me why I get better image quality by exporting from Sketchup than I do from the “dedicated presentation” software Layout?

Why do I have more image output control in SU than LO?

Both images below rendered to PNG, 5000px wide on A3 (~300dpi)
screen captures at 200% in my image editing software



Lines from SketchUp are thinner because they come as screen pixels. In LayOut the default thickness is 0.5 pt, and profile edges are a multiple of this. They can be made thinner. Is LayOut output set to High resolution?

Yep, set to high…

About the only difference I see is the line thickness. What is it set to in the LO viewport? Have you tried putting in a smaller value? Raster or Hybrid rendering?

Yep ,thanks Anssi it was the Line thickness setting under the Model Tray… . set at 0.5… I reset it to 0.1pt to jet much better vertical or horizontal lines… does not help anything that is diagonal… eg shadows… screen captures are better at than than either LO or SU…

So it was my bad, but also another example of how inconsistent interface design in LO/SU that causes these aggravations and affects productivity, in this case having line weight setting changes in two different UI locations…

Layout with finest line setting

4k Screen capture

These are all Raster exports… tried Hybrid but render time around 10 minutes… option is to scale up documents to A1 size, but that also ramps up render times and document sizes…

I have 3 concept designs of this size, each has 28 pages and usually issue 5-10 revisions during the design phase … so wait times become a factor…

Not mentioned much, but with the release of 2022 the pixel restriction (9999) for 2D Graphic output in SketchUp was changed into a ‘smart size’, meaning, one could go up much higher.
I haven’t experimented much, but been able to go to 15.000 for certain models and then inserted those in LayOut.

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