I'm unable to get shapes coplanar from DWG file


This is a continuous problem I have when starting a new project in our office. We get a survey, and I have to make a site model and plan. In trying to get everything on the same plane so that I can color in the plan, but I am either unable to get shapes to close or to get them co-planar. I’ve used the Drape tool to get the linework on a flat plane (didn’t do it), I’ve move to Z with Architects Tools and I’ve used Edge Tools to close the gaps and find stray lines. After all this I still can’t get the shapes coplanar… Help!

buildings.skp (668.9 KB)


Maybe TIG’s Flatten to Plane would help?


I put the outer perimeter in a separate group and was able to “heal” the outlines you already have without any problems. If you leave the background in the same group as the buildings, it will continue to cause problems. If you highlight a building and it shades in more than the one you wanted, redraw any of the edges and it should divorce itself from the others. I had fun picking random colors to fill in your buildings as an example … I’m sure you can make things more meaningful :wink:
buildings_jh42.skp (233.2 KB)


Here you go, Fredo’s Curvisard and Joint Pushpull.

By the way, there is a huge amount of ‘stuff’ in that file, get in the habit of purging before uploading. Plus you are a long way from the origin, this could end up causing you clipping problems.


Thanks for the suggestions.

Dave R. - I’ll give that plugin a shot.

jimhami42 - I’ve been able to get all of the buildings to close, but when you draw a rectangle around it, the planes overlap. What you suggest seems like a possible work around, but I’d like to get everything right in the beginning as this will become a complex model.

Box - This method looks like it is automating the only way I found to get it to work - push/pull a building that is not coplanar through the ground plane, intersect with model, and delete the leftovers. It works, but can be time consuming. I’ll try those plugins out as well.


I would suggest putting each building footprint into its own separate group (or component). When you draw the rectangle around it, the new rectangle won’t interfere with the existing buildings inside it. This is why I grouped the rectangle separately. Putting it into the same group will interact with everything else in that group.


You can “flatten” your model or imported file in SketchUp Pro without plugins by going into top view, switching your camera to parallel projection, exporting a 2D DWG or DXF to full scale and reimporting that.