I'm trying to form a solid shape from a complex soap bubble

Attatched is my model file. I am trying to make a parametric waffle type roof which I have sucessfully done in box 3. The slightly more complex roof shape in 1 is the one i am trying to make a solid. 2 is not a closed solid and i can identify why hence i have started again with 1. I have copied the shape down on the blue axis and i should be able to connect the corners to form planes between the two, which i did fine using the same process with 2 however I cannot make the same planes in 1.
Alternatively can anyone recommend a free plugin or way that i could extrude the soap bubble shape?

Can anyone help? I’m quite new to this and I’m pretty sure there will be a simple sollution or something I’ve done wrong but i am stumped!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Do you have any parametric equations for your waffle roof?

err no I have just been following this tutorial SketchUp Tutorial:Parametric Waffle Structure - YouTube

That’s video is painful to watch. Interesting result, though.

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Is there a reason that it needs to be a solid? Are you trying to 3D print it? If so, you can leave each cross-piece as a separate group or component without exploding and joining them. Almost every slicer will join them for you in the pre-processing phase. If you had parametric equations, you could write a Ruby script that could construct it for you. It’s already in such a nice U-V array. :smiley:

I’m not seeing it anywhere in the thread.

If you haven’t tried it already, Fredo’s Joint PushPull might well do it. It’s part of the Fredo6 Collection, and free from the SketchUcation plugin store.