Bubble Effect Façade Help

I wanted to add a wrap around bubble effect for the building’s façade but I have no idea how. Any help is appreciated. Pics below.


Something like this but with more of a 3D effect, not just flat.

Depending on what you actually need, you could, for instance, model the facade on the ground with Sandbox from Scratch and Smoove tools and then rotate and move it into position. There are many possibilities.

Soap skin & bubble plugin?

Clothworks plugin?

A series of overlapping solid spheres joined together with Outer Shell, then trimmed to fit?

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I would do it with soap skin bubble.

So many options.
JPP and SUbD


Great Technique

That looks closest to the forms of the building

It depends a little on what he actually wants, but he could get the desired shape even with only Offset and Move tools.

This would be the fastest option if the bubbles are quads, other wise with ngons SubD will struggle.