How to create an irregular shaped dome?

I started using SketchUp recently and this is the thing I can’t find a way to do. I want to create kind of a dome with this base’s shape. I’m able to make a regular, circular dome but I wanted to extend it to the rest of the base.

Something along these lines?

Yes, that’s it. The way I tried to do the surface was always uneven

I Rotate/copied half the top perimeter up to 90° and added an arc from the top to the side.

I scaled those curves down a bit since yours appears to be flattened.

Then I used Curviloft to skin over the “dome”.

Explode the groups Curviloft makes and soften the edges.

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You could also use basic tools

and another option with Soap Skin Bubble plugin


Thank you for your methods. Soap Skin Bubble was really what I was looking for not only for this but for other stuff I wasn’t able to do. I just wanted to know if I can use it to do the same thing but with a hole in the center and it end up kind of like an irregular donut. It always does the whole area of the outer lines. (I’ll create another thread if needed)

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