How to create skylight (dome)


Sketchup Pro 2015. Can somebody help me with creating a “round” skylight that is placed on a square basis?

There is a picture of such a skylight here:


Try the 3D warehouse. I found one domed skylight already modeled. It was rather simple, but it could be a starting point to create one that better matches your photo. At the very least, you could see how it was made by taking it apart. Just a thought.

A very quick run-down on making that shape:

Assuming you’re comfortable with basic shapes and follow me tool. I’m skipping ahead to ‘From Contours’ Tool in Sandbox.

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The Soap Skin & Bubble plugin would do nicely.

Soap Skin & Bubble — Extension Warehouse

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You can draw profile arcs [inside a group or new-component to separate the geometry] and hand-stitch new edges to form facets, then smooth the result, give it a transparent material.

Alternatively draw diagonal arcs for the profiles and use a tool like my Extrude Tools or Fredo’s CurviLoft to ‘skin’ it…

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