Making Dome


Hello. I am constructing an architectural model for a school project, I am trying to make this small file attached into a dome so that there are no edges on each end. this will make a skylight for the roof of one of my building. Any help would be much appreciated, Zack :slight_smile:

Skylight Dome.skp (123.6 KB)


I’m not completely sure I know what you have in mind but maybe this will help.
Try the follow me tool.



Another option.


I will never get tired of your gifs, @Box!


Just the simple doodles of an old fart.


A couple more.

first add dome shape (draw/3D shapes - plugin) and just stretch it. 1st showing regular stretch and the second using Fredo’s Box Stretching.

The other with soap skin bubble, if you need to keep the rectangular footprint.