I'm having a problem with iRender nXt,


Does anyone here use it? Because before I submit my problem, it would be helpful to know.

I’ve not seen any of the Harts on here forever and the Render Plus forums are not that active.

In a nutshell, no matter how I position my lighting I’m getting black at the opposite corners of a simple render.



Sorry all, although I’ve not fixed it, it might be that the image I used was taken with a 50 mp camera, and the texture is huge. I’ll be back on this if I can’t get it figured out.



Can you share the SKP file? I’ll try rendering it in KT. Send it by PM if you don’t want to share it publicly.



Thanks Dave.

I have no problem sharing the file, it’s just a sofa table.

I do think it is a texture issue at this point. The model clocks in at 16 mbs. So I need to reduce it, or add it to DropBox or the Warehouse. Here are the stats though. Which is why I suspect it’s the texture. (And it has been purged).


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