IfcSite Psets - How to create?

Subject: Assistance Needed: IFC Requirements in SketchUp Model

Hello everyone,

I hope this message finds you well. I am currently working on a SketchUp model that needs to meet specific IFC requirements for my client to accept the proposal. The IFC file must include Property Sets (Psets) describing the following information:

A: My name
B: Project group name
C: Discipline of the model
D: My role in the project
E: Company name

I understand that these Psets should be placed under IfcProject, and I am using IFC-Manager for SketchUp. However, I am unable to find a way to achieve this. Can someone provide guidance or assistance?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

Kristian Stoll

If you are using Ifc Manager, select all your items and right click.
You’ll see an option as:
Create building storey
Create building
Create Site

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Thank you for replying @rtches! It is however not enough. I have no problem with putting in Project, Site, building and building storey. What Im not able to do is to include
A: My name
B: Project group name
C: Discipline of the model
D: My role in the project
E: Company name
Do you or anyone else have a tip?
In Solibri it looks like this:


Has your client also determined what the naming of the Pset should look like?

You can use a Ruby script to assign this data to the component that represents the IfcProject.

Thanks for getting back to me! I`ve tried to ask ChatGTP for a Ruby Script. It came up with one, but Im not able to get it to work. Maybe its wrong or maybe Im using it wrong-Im very new to using Ruby…:

Ruby script for SketchUp to add Psets to IfcProject in an IFC file

Define the Property Sets (Psets) information

psets_data = {
“A” => “Your Name”,
“B” => “Project Group Name”,
“C” => “Discipline of the Model”,
“D” => “Your Role in the Project”,
“E” => “Company Name”

Get the current model

model = Sketchup.active_model

Get the entities of the model

entities = model.entities

Flag to check if IfcProject is found

ifc_project_found = false

Iterate through entities to find IfcProject

entities.each do |entity|

Check if the entity is an IfcProject by checking its definition

if entity.respond_to?(:definition) && entity.definition.name == “IfcProject”

# Access the IfcProject attributes (Psets)
attributes = entity.attribute_dictionary("ifc", true)

# Add or update the Psets
psets_data.each do |key, value|
  attributes[key] = value

# Set the flag to true since IfcProject is found
ifc_project_found = true

# Notify the user
UI.messagebox("Psets added to IfcProject successfully!")

# Break the loop as we found and updated IfcProject


Check if IfcProject was not found

unless ifc_project_found
UI.messagebox(“Error: IfcProject not found in the model. Make sure you have an IfcProject entity.”)

I have a plugin to do that…
See if this can help you:


Thank you for the link to this plugin, I`ll try it!