IFC importing fails

Cowoker has a problem when importing an ifc file. She gets “Import failed” message and was able to import files before her holiday. When I do the same on my machine, everything works fine. Both have the version 23.0.367 and no idea what version etc.the ifc files are, but they are exported from Tekla Structures 2020. What could cause this?

Have you tried with the absolutely same files? The IFC importer doesn’t support IFC 4 yet so that could be a reason. If the same files work differently for you both, then I would look for a difference in the install. Check that you are both running the same maintenance version. On the computer where it fails, right-click on the installer, select “Run as administrator” from the context menu, and click “Repair” in the installer dialog box when that opens.

Have you tried to import with Ifc Manager plugin?
You can import to trimble connect too and export from there in trimbim format. You can recover all your geometry but no data, you also will reduce the file size.

Are you sure Ifc4 is not supported? I think I have imported some of them but now you make me doubt, maybe with Ifc manager

I checked from the files and they are IFC2X3.

Could some change in formats cause this?

It’s better if you share your file.
By the way I think that you can’t have same separator for decimals than digits

I don’t think that the file(s) itself is the problem, We tested with two different, quite simple files and they load ok on my machine but not with the others. Must be something wrong with the install, which we actually tried to repair. We’ll test the Trimble connect option.

Have you both loaded the same classifications?

No, but I exported the non functioning file from my machine and importing was succesful at the other machine which gave “Import failed” message. Though the file size increased from 2M → 164M. We’ll have to check those Classifications.

Checked, the other did not show NL-SfB tabel up.

Those are not necessary. Those are loaded when you use Ifc Manager. You only need IFC 2x3 or IFC 4