IFC export and tag folders

Hi all

I just noticed one thing with tag folders and IFC export what could be improved.

When you export models to IFC, stuff at hidden tags doesn’t come at exported model. Now if you want to hide stuff by hiding the whole folder, it is not hidden from IFC export.
Same thing happens with both, SketchUp native exporter and IFC Manager plugin.

Not sure is it happening with newer versions of IFC Manager (I use 2.2.5)

If you mean the IFC manager from @brewsky, you can go to github and request there.
The native export functionality lacks a few things more.
You will also find the latest version there.


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Ha! Good one, that probably means the nested tags are not explicitly hidden and I would have to loop through all parent-tag levels to figure out if an object should be hidden. I will take a look at that.
Thanks for pointing that out @MarkusP!

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I added support for hidden layer folders in the new 3.1.0 version!

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