If SketchUp crashes when opening on Mac OS X


Continuing the discussion from OS X Yosemite testers?:

Heya Glynwinter,

Nice fix! This is actually a setting in OS X that you can turn off. Unfortunately, there’s an additional tweak you need to do even after disabling the feature.

  1. Open System Preferences (Finder > Applications)
  2. Click the General button
  3. Check “Close windows when quitting an application” or UNcheck “Restore windows when quitting and re-opening apps.” It depends on which version of OS X you’re using that determines the name of the feature.
  4. Open new Terminal window (Finder > Applications > Utilities)
  5. Type open -F /Applications/SketchUp\ 2014/SketchUp.app and press Return.

You only have to do this procedure once. You can open SketchUp normally from here on out.

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