I would like to print large patterns in a A4 sheet with Layout!

Hello team!!! I m new to this object and i would like your opinions to this.
I want to print large patterns by my own on A4 sheets and after that i could combined them to make a large piece. I deal with woodworking projects!!!
Thanks in advance…

That can be done.

In SketchUp, set up a scene or scenes that show the parts you want to create patterns of. Make sure you set the camera to Parallel Projection and select the appropriate standard view. Save and send to LayOut. Set the viewport to show the scene of your part and set the scale to 1:1. Drag the edges of the viewport as needed. You can copy the viewport and select other scenes for those viewports if you have more than one part to show.

In this example I have multiple scenes in the SU file and they are used for the various viewports in LO. The back slat, arm rest and legs of the chair are at full size on the sheet.

(The project also includes dimensions, materials list and other details which I’ve turned off for this screen shot for clarity.)

Actually, the simplest way would be to set the paper size in LayOut’s Document Setup to a size that is large enough to hold the entire pattern at full size. Export a PDF of the sheet and use the poster print feature in Adobe Reader or Acrobat.

It is also possible to set up the pattern to span multiple pages but doing it as above, you’d have it printed and be heading to the shop already.


Thanks for your quick response daver. I think I got what you mean. Once I get on my pc I will test it and inform you…thanks

You taught me the right way to do this. Thanks for your help!!!

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