I would like to create piping schematics and need help

In my own defense [since it was I who reworked Flattery for the PluginStore to suit the newer SketchUp versions]…

If you click on ‘More Info’ in the Flattery entry of the PluginStore, then it takes you to the original SketchUcation forum page, that in turn has a clear link to http://www.pumpkinpirate.info/flattery/ which then explains its usage in more detail…
However, for those who are “click-limited” I have now added a direct link into the PluginStore entry’s ‘Usage’ details to the ‘www’ help section - However, that link to the page then exposes an old obsolete download [the original author no longer supports the plugin] - so use that page with care !!!

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[quote=“robint, post:20, topic:30091”]
… I got this for a cutting template, needs a bit of smoothing perhaps withBezier, but its there and can be turned into cnc code …[/quote]

Be aware that the flattened shape created from a segmented cilinder doesn’t have the same “circumference” length as the pipe (smooth round cilinder) you may think it represents. You’ll need to stretch the template vertically to get the proper circle length. The more segments in the original cilinder, the more accurate the flattened template, the less stretching is needed to correct its length.

Amen to that as they say in Hebrew

it blew my mind when i realised 10 years ago that su calculates vertices to 13 sig figs for each of the x y z coords

1 lsf out and your plane wont fill

i think su has a widget that can fix these minute errors, but only in 2d

su you gotta love it


I do.