I was using the trial and I bought the student version and once the trail ended I can no longer access the application

frustrating does anyone know how to get around this?

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admittedly, I am not familiar with the current student or trial versions. but let’s give it a go. have you tried uninstalling the trial, the download version you have student licence for, install that and activate that?

use the Add Licence button?


Actualy, there is just one version of the desktop version of SketchUp Pro. The difference lies in the way you have access to it:
By adding a classic (commercial) license.
Or a student license which was bought before feb 2019 (release of version 2019), you would have received an email with the updated serial number.
(Students who bought after that receive a Studio Plan)

or by logging in with a Trimble ID that has the right Plan assigned to it.

The last is managed with the AMP ( Account Managing Portal)

Did you try logging out and back in?

If you bought a subscription, sometimes, you need to assign yourself if this isn’t done dor you, all ready.

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