I was charged TWO times for SketchUp Pro subscription


On December 1 my attempt to buy a SketchUp Pro subscription was declined. I called my credit card and they blocked the transaction, but said they would allow the transaction. So I tried to enter my card information AGAIN and this time the transaction was successful that same day (December 1).

The problem is that on December 2 another payment was approved. This means I paid TWO times.

I have filled out the HELP CENTER form but have yet to hear anything from them. I understand it is a Holiday, but I am getting nervous since they say you have to request a Refund before 14 days.

Hopefully, I can get back the money for the extra SketchUp Pro subscription.

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it’s Xmas day. so yeah. you’ll have to wait a few days. :santa:

Also, you were warned in this thread

that the black friday discount was for new subscriptions only, yet you decided to buy one.
I personally warned you, quoting the words on the website.

Well, you did get a new sub, but apparently renewed your old one too ?

all you can do now is wait, hope they get back to you, and probably call them when they come back on Wednesday

Happy Holidays!

SketchUp Support will be closed on Monday December 25th, and Tuesday December 26th to celebrate the holidays. We will be back on Wednesday, December 27th.
(found here, on the top)

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Hi, thanks for your reply.

The mistake was not because of the Black Friday deal…It was because my credit card blocked the first attempt to purchase. After they unblocked my credit card I didn’t know that the transaction would automatically charge again without me doing anything the next day.

Instead, I thought I had to re-do the purchase and that was what I did wrong.

Again thanks for taking the time to reply and Merry Christmas!

I can see the two charges on December 1st. Managers can approve refunds beyond 14 days, and I think that would happen in this case.

Some of us are working tomorrow and other days over the holiday. I will check if someone in customer support is online in the morning.


Thank you very much @colin and Merry Christmas!

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I expect you know this by now, but when support looked up your case they told me the refund had already been processed. Glad they got to it even before I asked about it!


I am very pleased and happy with Sketchup customer service. I did received an email by David notifying the refund was approved.

Thank you @colin for everything you do for the community.