Help with BlackFriday 25% Off for SketchUp Pro subscription!


I renewed my SketchUp Pro subscription on 19-NOV-2022 a couple of days before BlackFriday 25% Off. That means I paid $75 more at $299 (not including taxes) instead of the $224.25 deal.

Can I cancel that order so I can repurchase the Subscription with a 25% OFF Black Friday deal?
Or can someone working for SketchUp return the difference to my Bank account?

Or I can’t do anything about it?

Can you cancel your order?
How many days after purchase can someone cancel their order?

Thanks in advance!

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If you covert to subscription with the blackfriday discount now will you get the discount every year if you have auto renew… asking for a friend :slight_smile:

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No. The discount will not carry on for the next billing of the subscription.

In 2020 my subscription cost $240 and it covered two years of SketchUp Pro subscription.
And, now the subscription cost $330.4 for only one year.

I think my subscription is messed up. In the My Product section, I don’t see SketchUp Pro.|

Is this normal?

At first, my credit card got declined, but after updating the card info it got successfully charged.

Anyways, I used the form to contact the sales department… Hope I get help soon before this Black Friday offer expires!

okay thx, I guess if you manually renew every year and your renew date is on blackfriday you can manually get the discount :slight_smile: ?

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Can someone who works in SketchUp tell the Sales department to attend to my case?

I used the SketchUp Help contact support form to request there, but I have not yet received an answer.

I feel my time to take advantage of the %25 off deal is running out of time.

If they need my phone number please request it in pm.

Thanks in advance!

You might want to read this and see how it applies to your case.

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Thanks for the reply.

I hope there is still a chance for me to get the %25 off since I purchased the subscription in less than 14 days so I am entitled to cancel it.

I think the offer ends December 2 so the day before I’ll purchase the subscription again with the discount and hope SketchUp returns the money for the first purchase.

I feel very unlucky to have this happen to me.

Hope a Trimble employee can help me out.

Another problem is with SketchUp Pro not appearing in the 'My Products section.

I think the office is closed for thanksgiving so you may not hear for a few days.
I’ll give @colin a nudge as he is often around when others aren’t.

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Colin helped me by giving me the URL for contacting the sales team.


I don’t remember doing that!

For general interest, the transaction for $330.4 was 9 days ago, and there is a refund policy up to 14 days, where you can get a refund without giving a reason, then go on to do what it was you intended to do. Get Black Friday discount in this case.

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I sent a request for cancelation of the order so I can repurchase with 25% off in the link below a few days back in the URL below

But, they have not replied yet, because they might be on holiday.

I don’t know if I should purchase the SketchUp Pro license now or wait until the SketchUp Sale team cancel my order. I may risk not being able to get the offer if I don’t get a cancelation on time.

So I might purchase it on Dec 1 just in case.

This is giving me a lot of anxiety!

Today at 6:02 AM I received an email where SketchUp staff communicated that I was refunded.

Thank you, SketchUp!

I’ll wait 1-2 days for the refund to take effect and I’ll repurchase a SketchUp Pro subscription.