I want to be able to trace or import a flat character made in photoshop or illustrator

After importing image into sketchup for school I want to be able to push pull the faces to give it depth so we can print it out with 3d printer. Any ideas?

Start by using the drawing tools to trace the image. Create closed loops of edges so faces are created. Then Push/Pull will have something to do when you are ready to go 3D.

Three questions
How do I import picture into a sketchUp?
How do I lock the orientation to top down ?
When I trace the image how do I make it transparent so I can see what I am tracing underneath?

Use Insert.

You can select the Top view but then you need to avoid orbiting the camera. You can still trace the image even if you aren’t looking straight down on it.

Until you close a loop, there’ll be no face to occlude your view of the image. You can change the style to X-ray or Wireframe if you want.

You would do well to spend some time reading the Help files on using SketchUp Free. Start: https://help.sketchup.com/en/article/3000315

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Thank you is sketchup for web the same as sketch up for schools.
So I can direct students to sketchup for web for home use?

Thank you for great reply’s

For this sort of thing, they are the same.

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