I think I'm just bad at basic computer skills? Save Issues

So I use Sketchup personally, mostly to model houses, design cabinetry, etc, because I like it.

I have lost a model before and am very good about ctrl+s every hour or so. I rarely close my program. I started a model mid-January and have been working on it, leaving the program open and just sleeping my laptop. The other day I was doing some support for work, and so closed all personal programs (including this one), but I very carefully made sure to file->save before closing (and again… I hit ctrl+s every hour or so, if not more frequently).

So I go to reopen the file today…and immediately notice it’s an older version. So I close it, open just sketchup, go to recent…that’s the only version. I have looked in my save directories etc, and everything seems to be dates January 27th at the latest.

So I suppose my question is: has anyone experienced this and been able to recover the file? And how do I prevent this in the future?

Have you looked at restore previous versions? I did that also and actually found the more recent version in there. Also you may want to look in your recycle bin in case it got dumped there somehow.

pls, reboot the computer at least once a week, so any updates can be properly applied.

Apps like browsers need to be closed to automatically clean their caches.