I never know if it's the X or Y axis I am looking at when I press the arrow keys to move stuff

Is it only me?

When I want to move things along the X or Y axis and therefore press the left or right arrow key to constrain the movement I never know if a particular direction is actually the X or Y axis.

So I have a 50/50 chance to move this along the wrong axis which is a big waste of time.

Is there a way to always have a visual indication of the axis at all time?

You can enable the mouse crosshair in Window > Preferences > Drawing > Display Crosshair, and see which axis is which.


Or set your edges to Color By Axis in the styles menu.


Wow, both options are great. It will potentially save me days of my life time in the future. Thanks

Something to Note, Color By Axis has a somewhat loose tolerance, so it doesn’t guarantee that the edges are perfectly aligned to their specific axis.


Map the arrow keys to an inexpensive 7-button mouse.
The days saved will become months saved.


Good that you bring this up. I actually have a not so cheap logitech mx master but I don’t really utilize the fancy buttons (out of bad habit) other than for undo and redo.

Using the buttons to move things constraint to the axis seems really a good thing.


I have now utilized 4 buttons on my mouse to activate the move tool, crtl (copy), and the left/right arrow keys and this seems like a huuuuge usability improvement for copying and precisely moving things around - which is something I basically do all the time.

I use a simple mnemonic: The Right arrow is for the Red axis. The Up arrow is for the Up-and-Down axis. And the Left arrow is for the Green axis.

I always wanted to use all those buttons, but my thumb is too short to reach them.

Is there any way to change this shortcut to another another set of keys instead of the arrow keys?
I tend to use this with my left hand and have to travel the entire keyboard.

Possible you could use a third party tool to remap at OS level, but then it would take up other keys that are useful as shortcuts. I suspect it’s more practical to rely more on Shift then, after having used the mouse to start moving along any chosen axis.

Thanks but that is something that probably will mess around with lots of shortcuts that I already have.
Its just a bummer that we cannot edit this one.
Ctrl+1,2,3 would be perfect for me. I have seen some users using this for the standard views but I have those on the F keys.
I thought about using a left handed keyboard that would solve this and numpad on the left to keep my hand on the mouse. There just nothing really appealing on the market.

You need a sketchpad :slight_smile:
SketchPad for SketchUp