I need to alter a shoe model for a friend with a severe bunion

I am trying to create a sandal or a shoe for friends who have nasty bunions. They have nasty bunions because the shoes they wear do not fit correctly. I have tracings of their feet and now I need to download a SketchUp model that I can alter. That said I need to know how to add a “pouch” in the side of the shoe which will accommodate the bunions of different people. I want to start with a sandal (attached) and move to regular shoes.


I guess altering a downloaded model will be a more difficult task than creating it from scratch.

you need a ‘shoe_last’ and then modify it accordingly…
here’s one I prepared earlier…

shoe_last.stl.skp (495.9 KB)

you’l need to resize to your friends foot, and adjust the heel rise to match the type required…


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Thank you John but that is the problem, I do not know how to make those adjustments. I have the outline of her foot and from that the length and width. That’s all. The shoes I have downloaded are only one shoe and I have to mirror the one shoe to get a pair. Then I have to do the adjustments for each foot. Can you help?