I need sketch up pro does anyone want to help?

I’m a single mom with an undergrad degree in art. After a horrible divorce I’m getting back on my feet and have been drawing people’s house plans and greenhouse plans by hand. I tried sketch up free but it’s not going to work for more complicated things. Would anyone want to donate a sketch up pro to a hard working mom creating a new career out of nothing?

Thank you.

There are options of free for professional use software out there. Unfortunately SU: Make and SU: Free are not among them. If you know AutoCAD there is a free version of NanoCAD (basically an LT clone) that is available. BricsCAD Shape and Form-Z Free are both SketchUp like 3D modeling programs that are free for ANY use, even professional ones. NanoCAD and BricsCAD Shape both use dwg as it’s file format. Form-Z Free can import dwg files and it also has a built in Ambient Occlusion style that can produce some nice “rendered” images. As for rendering you can also use SimLab Composer Lite as a rendering solution.
Maybe these can get you by until you can buy a new subscription for SketchUp Pro. Good luck.