Hobby help with fantasy house design

Non commercial/ hobbyist preferred

hello I am an old chap that cant get my head around this technology but I want to design a ‘house’ just for fun. Not to build not for plans just for fun.
I have tried to make this software work but given up – but I thought there might be a a hobbyist out there with not much to do during lockdown who could knock something up for me for a reasonable sum (or lots of beer)
In fact I have never been on a board before! So sorry if I do not know etiquette¬¬
I am in Birmingham England.

No professionals please Contact thru this board . Have a happy covid!

Have you tried following the tutorial videos at learn.sketchup.com?

If not, give them a whirl. It’s one of the easiest to learn 3D drawing programs there is, if you go about it with a bit of help to start with.

And once you have got started, this forum is a great place to get help with any particular issues you face - whether you are a novice or an expert asking the question.

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Sadly it is Waaay beyond my abilities. I can do, trick pony riding, make awesome apple pies and speak 3 languages but I cant do sketch up. I have had a good response from my post on free Cad but i am still open to offers here. PLEASE HELP!

There are different types of intelligence and ways that individuals perceive realities and spacial concepts. I use a wide variety of (mostly design related) software, and have struggled to conquer certain software - and I certainly struggle with languages. However I found SketchUp intuitive, as I interact with objects directly and immediately. Specifically, I am manipulating in a 3D space - which is where my mind is. I absorb myself into the drawing (paper or screen) when I begin, and for me, it is natural to walk, fly, drop and climb around inside my work - but I know it’s not the same for everyone. I use FreeCAD for specific tasks and it does a great job in those, and while SketchUp to me is by far the easiest to use for a number of reasons, Free CAD does provide a broad base to work from - and perhaps working from 2D into 3D might be the way for you to go.

Thank you - I have posted on Free Cad site.