I need narrow open arrow edge marker, and delete dimension's text backside color <---


(1) Can I customise Arrow Angle to 30 degree?

(2) Can I change dimension’s text backside color to transparent ?


There’s currently no editing available for arrowhead although I hope one day to have that option.

As far as the dimension text box having no fill, make sure first that Fill is not selected in the Shape Style window when the dimension is selected. If it is, turn off fill by clicking the button.


According to ASME Y14.2, arrowhead proportions are specified as a ratio of length to width. Standard arrowheads should be 3:1, and generally the same length as the capital letter height.

What is interesting to me is that the arrowheads you have used to dimension your proposed arrowhead are the standard 3:1, while the arrowhead you are proposing is not.



There is a difference between arrows used on dimension lines, and arrows used as graphical symbols that represent something, such as an electrical terminal, or a male electrical contact.

On interconnect and wiring diagrams, the arrow (in the OP’s post) on the top, represents a male electrical contact (ie, a pin,) yet it’s ratio is 1:2.

Layout is missing the complimentary female contact (socket) “fletching” symbol.


Actually NOT. The arrow can be reversed using a weird click-drag protocol that is hard to master. It is not very intuitive.


I hope for arrowhead.

About dimension’s text, I know I can control text [Fill] by [Shape Style] window, but it still not transparent against dimensions leader line itself.
I have to explode the dimension to be transparent against leader line.


Yes, currently you have to explode the dimension to get the dimension line
to show through. Otherwise without fill, it is transparent for all other