Dimension Arrow Size? Distance From That Other Thing? Arrowless Text Box



  1. Tools> Dimensions. When I do this, it has huge arrowheads. Is there a setting where it uses smaller arrowheads or even no arrows?

  2. On a blank workspace, I draw a rectangle. Now I want to put another rectangle exactly 14" from that first rectangle. Is there an easy way to do that?? Same thing if I want to place a 3rd some equal distance from the other two. (Ex a triangle with rectangles at the points.) I’d like when I place something to have distance lines that pop up that show me how far it is from other edges.

  3. If I draw a rectangle, and put text in it, it has a little arrow from the text box to the rectangle face. Any way to get rid of the arrow and just have the text box?

I appreciate your help!


  1. Window->Model Info->Dimensions provides 5 choices for dimension endpoints, including none. One of them may be more to your liking. But SketchUp does not provide other choices than those.

  2. You can use guides (drawn using the tape measure tool) to locate a precise distance from an existing bit of geometry. Or you can use the move tool to relocate geometry by an exact distance or to a specific location.

  3. Similar to the Dimensions, Window->Model Info->Text provides a limited suite of choices for how Text behaves. Also, if you click in empty space, the Text tool draws text that is anchored to a location the viewport, not to the model, and has no leader line.


I didn’t know about Windows>Model Info having all those additional settings like Windows> Preferences. More stuff to check.

I don’t see how to do #2. Here’s an example :
a. On an empty workspace, Draw> Shapes>Rectangle. Any size.
b. Make another rectangle but put it near that first one.
c. As I am moving it close to the other one, I don’t see any numbers popping up or anything telling me how far it is from that other one or any other edge. I just see the dimensions for the new rectangle itself in the lower right corner of the screen. How do I get the distance numbers like you are talking about?

I appreciate your help and info.


b. select 1st rectangle
c. move with ctrl key (option key : mac) to any direction you want (move copy)
d. type distance value directry with keyboard (in Value Contron Box)



Yeah, I still can’t see that. if you look at the attached picture, I made a C-shape using rectangles. Now my project is to put the little rectangle EXACTLY equidistant from the C-shape edges. I can eyeball it and use the measuring tool, but I was asking is there a way that as I move the little rectangle in the C, little distance lines pop up to show me how far it is from the top and sides so I can quickly get it in the exact equidistant spot without all the tweaking. HTH. Regards, Leaning



Hi folks.

Alternatively, select the dimension and then Open Entity Info Window. In it you will see the different parameters you can change. Make sure that it is in its expanded mode (press the + sign on the top right top to expand it if needed).

Personnelle, I always keep the Entity Info Window open when modelling.

Just ideas.



OK. I’ll try that. Here’s a better picture. I want all three dimensions to be the same number (whatever it turns out to be). So those type dimension lines pop up when I position the little rectangle close to the C. Regards, Leaning