I need help with Louver mortises


I am trying to create the mortises for louvers in the stile component. I can’t figure out how the “cut out” the mortise using the end of the louver. I also can’t figure out how to include a drawing so this topic would make more sense.
Shutters.skp (50.5 KB)


Do you mean something like this?


Exactly! I wanted to use the louver to cut the mortise.


Simply select and edit the edge “rail”, select the face that the louver touches and choose “intersect faces - with model” from the r-click menu.

Of course you might want to array a number of slats first. (move with [ctrl] to create a copy, then use / nnn or x nnn )


As gadget suggests, Intersect Faces will work to draw an outline of the slat on the face of the stile. it won’t leave you with a mortise, however. A couple of options come to mind for creating the mortises from those outlines. One would be to use Push/Pull on the face inside each oval. Another option would be to use a method similar to one I use to create arrays of holes but without deleting the face inside the oval.

If you were using SketchUp Pro, Trim and Keep would make quick work of it.


Thank you both very much for the assist. I am gradually getting used to Sketchup. Unfortunately, since this is just a hobby, I can’t plunk down hundreds for the pro version. So I will plug along pushing each of the 80 louver mortises in this model. On the next shutter (since it will be a different size) I will try to make an array of mortises.


It’s not too late to make this one easier to draw unless you don’t want to.


The image in my post was done in make, people get distracted by pro tools and don’t learn the basics.
Some don’t even bother to follow and reply to their own threads.


Erm… make one, then array it in the same way that you arrayed the slats; holes will automatically be cut out.

Alternatively, if you push one to form a mortise, you can then double-click on the next and it will automatically off-set the same amount… but that’s 79 double clicks you can avoid if you just array the hole.