Vent Louvers

Hi Sketchup family,
Can someone kindly helping out on how to form vent louvers for metal cabinets. Am to present the idea to mechanical engineering guys so to understand what exactly i want. Will appreciate for any clue, best regards, Terence K. SU, Tanzania
Please find the image to get the picture of how the vent louvers looks like


or you can use Curviloft for other shapes


Thanks buddy, great one :+1: :+1:

Here’s a low poly version I made some time back.


@Box Thanks so much. Much appreciation :handshake: :+1: :+1:

I would perhaps add the step of making it a hole cutting component

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What extension is the little ‘x’ in the circle you used to smooth the lines?

That’s not an extension and it’s not used to smooth edges. It’s the native button for Erase as in Delete.
Screenshot - 9_24_2021 , 11_40_28 AM

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Dave is quite right, the x is delete and found on what is called the ‘Standard’ toolbar. I only used it once in the gif and that was to delete a face.
There are no extensions used in this and nothing on my custom toolbar that isn’t available in vanilla sketchup.