Problem Generating Mortise in SU 2017 Make

Sometimes when I am trying to ‘cut’ a mortise in a cabinet wall, I get a message that my cut is limited to 0". I am doing this by drawing the walls and shelf in place (making each a component as I go), then selecting each wall and the shelf, then selecting Intersect Faces in Selection. I then move the shelf out of the way, draw a rectangle where the lines intersect with the wall and shelf, then selecting the resulting rectangle and use Push-Pull to indent the mortise to the required depth. It usually works just fine, but some times it does not. Am I missing something, or forgetting a step. Any ideas?

There could be a stray line in the way. It’s difficult to say without seeing your model. Can you share an example of one that’s not working.

That was exactly the problem. Upon really close, magnified examination, I found that I had extra lines where my first attempt had not gotten all of the shelf marked to intersect faces. When I erased the extra lines, the mortise cut precisely as it was supposed to do. Thank you for the suggestion.

There’s easier ways to do this if you’re interested.

DaveR Yes, I am interested. (all knowledge is useful at some point in time).

Could you share your SKP file? I’ll make an example of it. :smiley:

I will try to upload it. But it has been corrected and the dadoes are cut. Sorry I did not keep a file of the original error.

Tout comprendre c’est tout pardonner

That’s OK. I can remove the dadoes.

OK, here is the corrected file. Alas, I did not keep copy of the error file.

Paint Cabinet.skp (78.5 KB)

No worries. I’ll take a look.

The original error was that only the bottom line of the shelf was selected (as well as the body of the shelf), and that resulted in a triangle shape when I intersected faces and tried to cut the dado. The hidden lines were in the back of the cabinet side, which I only found when I removed the back (and I thank instructors for teaching me to make components as soon as I constructed a piece of anything). Once I erased those lines, the dado cut just fine, while I made sure to remove the shelf and select ALL of the end before replacing the shelf and intersecting faces.

Tout comprendre c’est tout pardonner

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