I need help modeling a ball pit

I’m using MSPhysics to randomize the ball colors by dropping them through an angled tube… The problem is I can’t fill the ball pit without overloading the computer with polygons. Each ball has 14 faces. The physics simulation took 9 minutes & was at 0 FPS. I’ve tried to figure this out for days with no success at fully filling the ball pit… Also, my goal is to fill many ball pits for my ball pit complex & make some renders with reflections.

My file is too big to upload… 4MB.
Any advice on making a ball pit would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

What if you set face style to Hidden Line and set the background to white, no sky, no ground? Make it so your graphics card doesn’t need to work so hard. You’re only interested in the final result, correct? After the pit is full, change the face style back. And maybe go away and eat dinner or something while it runs.

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Yeah, that’s a good idea…

Something to note, those escaping balls can be causing issue for you as they will continue to fall through space infinity and eventually the clipping plane will swallow your model.

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Thanks. I deleted them by selecting all, then unselecting my model & deleting the selection. Although, some of them would fall through the faces of the tube & I don’t know why… They’re copied components, so they should all have the same physics settings.

Some act collidable

While others don’t

Not to mention, SketchUp is almost unresponsive right now…

I was hoping to make this low poly, but look high poly somehow… Maybe just a top layer of balls with an empty space below? I’m having a lot of trouble with this…

Definitely. You surely don’t need more than 1 or 2 layers of balls.

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You could zip the file and upload the smaller zipped file if it reduces to less than 3 mb…or send it via Dropbox or some other file share service.

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Success! Thanks for all the help.

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