I need help (advise) with curved seat inside oval form (like some jakuzzys have)

How to make a barrel saunas bottom? It has a hole with curved edges and a convex seat. In addition, the inside of the case is oval. I’m rebelling for the fifth day now and I can’t handle it … :frowning: Can anyone help?

Maybe someone can suggest some tutorials or something like that from where can I learn, how to build these kind of bottoms… I couldnt find any.

I have used the follow me to make the hole in bottom but I dont know what to do next…

You can try something like this: SKP model te5.skp (335.3 KB)

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Thank you so much for replay, I will try it wright away…

What tool you suggest to use to get the curves here?

Look at the 3D model (te5.skp), it has those roundness created with Follow me