I just purchased Sketchup Shop but it keeps sending me to Sketchup Free


I just subscribed to Sketchup Shop, but whenever I click the icon next to Sketchup Shop it launches Sketchup Free. There is even a “Upgrade Now” button on the bottom which takes me to an option to upgrade to Sketchup Shop. So frustrating. I added myself as a user in account management too. What am I missing?


And you are logged in ?


Check this post:


Ok, I figured it out. Thanks a lot for the quick replies. I guess I wasnt logged in properly. Interesting that nowhere on the app does it actually say, “Sketchup Shop” so you are not sure which version you are using. Even clicking help sends you to Sketchup for Web.


They are the same interface, but in “Free mode” there is a non-removable logo, and the extra “Shop mode” goodies are suppressed or replaced with an “Upgrade” button.

For example the Outliner panel is there, but it is blank except for a suggestion that it will be available if you upgrade to Shop. (And an upgrade button of course.)
The solid tools buttons are there in both modes, but greyed out in Free.
Choosing a Shop-only export format is likely to bring up an upgrade nag dialog in Free mode.
… etc.




Hi, I am also having the same issue,when I assigned myself to it and opened SketchUp again it was still in free,can you tell me what you done?


When you go to the left sidebar (upper left menubar, leftmost button) and then the Account panel, are you signed in ?

IF not sign in.

If SO, try logging out and signing in again.

When your in “Shop mode” you should NOT see the “Upgrade Now” button in the lower left corner of the model view.


Thanks Dan,I just got it sorted.

Warm regards,
Philip Ryan


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