Am I upgraded?

I paid for SketchUp Shop yesterday, but I am wondering if SketchUp knows that and if I am possibly missing out on some of the benefits? When I look at “My Products” I see only SketchUp Free listed (with the Upgrade button). When I look at “Plan Settings” it shows both SketchUp Free and SketchUp Shop.

The way these things are shown it makes me wonder if I am getting the things I paid for, especially when I am using the same site and models as what I was using before upgrading.

Are you logging in with the same email that you used to purchase SketchUp Shop?

Four out of five times users have account under multiple emails and are looking in the wrong spot.

You see Shop in Plan Settings because you are admin. You don’t see it My Products because the subscription hasn’t been assigned.

Sign into this page:

Choose Members, then look for a + Assign button. Add yourself as the user for the subscription. Then it should show up under My Products.


Thanks colin - that was what I was missing.