I have Sketchup Pro and I use the WEB Version on my Chromebook - How can I find/load more icon menus?

I have Sketchup Pro and I use the WEB Version on my Chromebook. I have e been trying to load more ICON menus as I saw from Youtube, But do some reason my Version doesn’t have the View menu at the top of the screen and I have searched all over to find the menus and I only have a terribly limited set of menus that come up automatically… This is frustrating… There should be a very very easy way to load up all of the menus we want to use, but this has been painful and I have had this system for several months and hardly use it because of the limited menus… Please help me, I am desperate!

The Web version doesn’t have all the things that the Desktop version has. Basically what you see is what you get.

Wow! That really sucks! I wonder how come?

The menus such as View are replaced with panels accessed on the right side of the model window.

As for why, it’s mostly because it is running in an internet browser instead of directly on the desktop like Pro.

I would really expect that I could have a carry over setup for all of my devices so whatever I work on would be seem-less and logical without having different requirements for different systems… When I signed up to order Sketchup Pro, it was not clear that the WEB version was limited… There needs to be a much more clear explanation of the things you can do in each version without making you go searching for everything… The reason I chose Pro is because I expected the system to provide what the Pros would use, which is a consistency between all versions on the program no matter what you use… Like why can’t you download the system onto a Chromebook? I do not want to carry my high-end laptop out everywhere I go, but it seems like there should be at least the same ability to load up and customize your menus even on the WEB version…

I think your expectations are too high. SketchUp Pro runs on Windows and Mac OS but you chose a Chrome Book which uses Chrome OS so of course it won’t run SketchUp Pro. Your Chrome Book doesn’t have the hardware resources that SketchUP Pro requires.

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It’s pretty clear what are the features of all the sketchup versions available, from the free one to the studio, you can even compare them to be clearer on what is the best version for you. If you need a smaller or cheaper device to take with you and use sketchup you should’ve seen that sketchup pro is available only on MacOS and Windows, there are ways to run it on Linux but chromeos is one of the most limited OS, it’s basically for school children and office work on the cloud, not the best selection for professional 3D work.