I have just started trying to use SketchUp and have some basic use queries

I cannot find how to move my view from left to right (found pan and zoom, but not moving the picture up,down, left or right to home in on a piece of the design.

I cannot find how to edit the measurements of my objects. Starting really simply with a box, having created it, I cannot see how to size it (numerically, i.e. enter the length, width and height in mm).

Pan is the way to move the camera up, down, left, and right.

You can use the Move tool to move a selelect part of it, you can use the Scale tool, or, in the case of a 3D box you could use Push/Pull to change the size of the box. If you know how large it is supposed to be before you model it, make it that size from thebeginning.

You should take the time to go through the tutorials at learn.sketchup.com and look at the Square One and Skill Builder playlists on the SketchUp YouTube channel.


As you have already found pan, my guess is you’re looking for orbit.
Click and hold the middle mouse button (usually the wheel) and move the mouse to orbit or select the orbit tool…

Thnx…I did say I have found pan and zoom. What I am trying to do is move across to look as one part of my model. I understand what pan does, but if my model has a part on the left hand end that needs some attention, how do I move across to it.

On the second part…I am finding “Push/Pull”, too innacurate, I want to be able to enter numbers for width, depth, height…just can’t find them.

That sounds like you need to Orbit as @tweenulzeven pointed out.

Once you start the Push/Pull operation let go of the mouse and type the distance. For precise modeling you should be typing in the dimensions as you create the geometry.

Go look at the links I provided and watch the tutorials.

Unfortunately, using a Mac and trackpad, so no middle button. Ahh, terminology. Pan is what I am trying to do and Orbit is what I thought was Pan. (Orbit is two fingers on a trackpad)…thnx :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome.

I made a quick example. Notice that I am typing in dimensions as I go. Also notice that the cursor never goes into the Measurements window at the lower right corner. There’s never any need to click in that window.

Your SketchUp models can be a precise as you make them. I regularly model very small objects to very high precision in SketchUp.

Brilliant, many thnx. I am beginning to like SketchUp haha

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You’re welcome.

Good. I presume since you are using the free web version that you are using it in a hobby sort of capacity. Taking the time to learn how to use the tools properly will go a long way to making the hobby fun.

FWIW, I 3D printed this little planer jack based on a SketchUp model I made. The top swivels on a ball and socket joint and the screw threads work perfectly. Might actually be a higher class of threads than the original one in metal had.

As I wrote, SketchUp can be as precise as you want it to be.


SketchUp is really designed to be used with a 3 button mouse.
I suggest you get a cheap one to try that out!!
Although some people here say that working with a trackpad is no problem at all, I swear by my Logitech MX master…

Indeed, just hobbying. First project is to plan out a couple of storage spaces in my new house. This is PowerPoint, but being able to reproduce this in 3-D and look around it would be great (an exercise at least) :slight_smile:


Fairly basic woodworking project which should be easy enough to create in 3D once you have a good understanding of the fundamentals.

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